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                英文簡歷 應聘國際貿易后勤 第一篇


                Name:Junjun Du


                Date of Birth:August 23th,1970

                Martial Status:Married

                Email:tellali@chinahr.com Address:No.29, Beisanhuan Road, xicheng District, Beijing 10029, China STRENGTH

                ·Logistics expert in planning, purchasing and distribution.

                ·My special knowledge in logistics field covers logistics planning, logistics system development, warehousing, transportation, etc.

                ·Supplying chain management, investment project handling, ISO9000 certification, import and export business.

                ·based on long-term management experience, be able to lead a project team to settle any difficulties with efficient communication and sincere cooperation. WORK ExPERIENCE Logistics Manager

                ·Monitoring and improving national supply chain performance through designing, implementing and yzing KPI (from totally new design to implementation throughout the company, including inventory turnover, backorder ratio, supply availability, sales forecast reliability, warehouse utilization and other related measurements.

                ·Taking a lead in countrywide inventory optimization project.

                ·Taking a lead in T&A products purchase, inventory, and distribution planning and logistics operations implementation.

                ·Cooperating with The Third Party Logistics Service provider to continuously improve the warehousing and transport efficiency. 01/1998- 07/1999 xx Shanghai

                Manager of Logistics

                ·Established purchase, production and sales logistics processes based IT system.

                ·In charge of daily logistics operation.

                ·In charge of forwarders management and bonded warehousing management.

                ·Struggled in optimize the inventory on the supply chain.

                ·Cooperated with production dept. to made MRS and BOM. 08/1993 - 01/1998 xxx Co. Beijing

                Logistics Supervisor

                ·In charge of import contracts and orders management.

                ·In charge of bonded warehousing management.

                ·Supervised the performance of freight forwarders and carriers based on cost, delivery and service quality.

                ·In charge of international and domestic purchasing and transportation.

                ·Processed all the customs-office-related issues. EDUCATION

                07/1998 Beijing University xxx MBA

                01/06/1993 xx Trade Institute International Trade Bachelor LANGUAGE

                Be able to communicate efficiently with colleagues and customers in fluent English, whatever in Written, Spoken, Reading or Listening. COMPUTER

                Computer software expert in Excel and Access. Familiar with systems like BPCS, SCALA and related.<>

                電子信息工程學士優秀英文簡歷 第二篇

                Name: xxx ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Gender: male

                Age: 22 Date of Birth: 1986-12-24

                Marital Status: single ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? E-mail: http://www.jianli-sky.com/

                Mobile: 86-1345484 Dorm: 86-10-7564

                物流人員英文簡歷,英語求職簡歷 第三篇





                Jenny Seguso

                2365 S Mayfield Ave

                Chicago, IL 60652

                Cell: (123)-555-1234

                Email: jenny.seguso@anymail.com

                Career Objective: To gain the position of a Logistic Staff Officer wherein my skills and experience will contribute towards the growth of the organization.

                Professional Experience:

                Duration: March 20xx till date

                Organization: Strategic Operational Support, Chicago

                Designation: Logistic Staff Officer

                Developed and implemented effective methodologies and tools for effective execution of logistic plan

                Prepared logistics and supported plans, and overseen budget requirements for new operation

                Prepared reports on staff and material movements and other operational logistics issue

                Responsible for identifying, planning and managing logistics operations to meet organizational goals

                Monitored and supervised the work of junior logistics officers and staff

                Coordinated as well as provided logistics support to ongoing land, air, river or rail operations

                Handled other related tasks as required

                Duration: August 20xx to February 20xx

                Organization: ADP International, Chicago

                Designation: Assistant Logistic Manager

                Developed and updated Logistics management plan based on the approved project phasing and packaging strategy

                Ensured that the materials are received and stored in a proper place

                Developed as well as managed materials planning function for the product of the organization

                Responsible for loading and unloading trucks that deliver goods

                Ensured that the shelves are stocked, invoices are filed and orders are tracked

                Performed other essential tasks under the instructions of Logistic Staff Officer

                Core Competencies:

                Six years of progressive experience in logistic operations

                Advanced knowledge of logistic operations and practices

                Ability to prepare and present concise written and oral logistics operations reports and other documentation

                Demonstrated time management, planning, and organizational skills

                Effective written and oral communication skills

                Client orientation with excellent negotiation skills

                Comprehensive knowledge of database software, project management applications, spreadsheet, and complex text document

                Knowledge of handling equipment and packaging used to ship and store merchandise

                Ability to develop and maintain good relationships with logistic counterparts in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment

                Educational Summary:

                Master's degree in Business Administration

                University of Chicago in the year 1995

                Bachelor's degree in Logistic Management

                Institute of Supply Chain Management in the year 1992

                Personal Details:

                Name: Jenny Seguso

                Date of Birth: 23.05. 1970

                Employment Status: Permanent

                Relationship Status: Married


                Mr. Morris Andrew

                Logistic Management Supervisor

                IL Logistic Co Inc, Chicago

                Cell: 703-222-5487

                Email: andrew@gmail.com


                Marc R. RHODES

                401 Bright wood Dr.

                Glen Ellyn, IL 60312

                Cell:(703) 555-8975

                Email: marc@anymail.com

                Career Objective:To take up the responsibilities of a Logistic Management Specialist and contribute my best towards the exponential growth of the organization.

                Core Competencies:

                Extensive knowledge of integrated logistic management

                In-depth knowledge of testing and functions of system and equipment

                Ability to read computerized reports and have extensive knowledge of computer applications processing

                Good knowledge of budgeting and finance systems

                Ability to adhere with the standard and practices of the organization

                Effective command over written and spoken English language

                Good time management and organizational skills

                Professional Experience:

                Organization: Beattle Logistics Co Inc, IL

                Designation: Logistic Management Specialist

                Duration: February 20xx till date

                Responsible for developing functional guidance for system modifications and new systems

                Handled responsibility like yzing and solving complex logistic issues

                Reviewed logistics management operations to identify requirements and resources like manpower, funding, facilities, materials and services

                Responsible for making necessary recommendations for special projects, logistic project studies and staff studies

                Coordinated with Logistic Management Supervisor in planning, yzing, and evaluating the process and procedures of logistic management

                Actively participates as a team member to accomplish projects when required

                Organization: ACF international Logistic Co, IL

                Designation: Logistic Manager

                Duration: January 1996 to December 2000

                Handled tasks of strategic and operational planning of related to Customer logistics operations

                Liaise with customers in developing systems solutions like testing, requirements, and user to support logistics programs

                Coordinated with Logistic Supervisor and Logistic Management Specialist in bringing in raw materials and supplies

                Responsible for delivering the finished products made by the organization to the concerned wholesalers and distributors

                Responsible for hiring, training and evaluating employees performance to enhance the growth and development of the organization

                Handled all logistics operations as well as support across all distribution channels

                Monitored, prepared and recommended operating and personnel budgets for approval

                Educational Summary:

                Master's degree in Logistic Management

                Management College, IL in the year 1995

                Bachelor's degree in Logistic Management

                University of IL in the year 1992

                Personal Details:

                Name: Marc R. RHODES

                Date of Birth: 23.05. 1970

                Employment Status: Permanent

                Relationship Status: Married


                Mr. Morris Andrew

                Logistic Management Supervisor

                IL Logistic Co. Inc., IL

                Cell: 703-222-5487

                Email: andrew@gmail.com

                CUSTOMER SERVICE 客戶服務人員英文簡歷 第四篇

                Sandy Lin 15/F,TOWER2 ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING1,BEIJING.


                Demonstrated ability in the provision of sales support services.Includes establishment of the client base,extensive customer servicing,telemarketing,cold calling and sales territory development.

                Consistently met/exceeded sales goals and instituted sales programs;sales increased from $8 to $25 million.

                Thorough knowledge of management production;assure timely and accurate presentation of goods;adept at coordinating delivery processes,organization of delivery schedules and monitoring delivery personnel.

                Extensive experience in facilitating operational procedures,Respond to customer complaints;resolve problem elements;interact with credit department to ascertain customer account status.Handle sourcing of vendors,contract negotiation,purchasing,correspondence,account adjustments and inventory control.

                Exceptional communication/interpersonal and organizational skills.


                1989-Present OxBRIDGE,INC.

                Interface with merchandising personnel,at all levels,and provide technical information on company products and services.

                Interact with customers,providing advice in the selection of products.Monitor production to ensure realization of customer specifications.

                Collaborate with contracting merchandisers for contract negotiation on supplies.Conduct extensive materials costing processes.

                Coordinate delivery schedules and monitor delivery personnel.

                Organize promotional demonstration activities for home and Hew York marketing office.

                Respond to and resolve customer complaints.

                Manage office operations and produce correspondence.

                Control stock and conduct purchasing procedures.

                Assist sales department in establishing client base/sales territories.


                1993-Present PROPHET JUNIOR COLLEGE

                Associate Degree Program


                Background summary accentuates candidate's acquired professional skills and impressive track record.

                Listing relevant courses adds weight to candidate's educational credentials.

                優秀英文簡歷模板 第五篇

                male | Single | Born in 1985/4 | HUKOU: BEIJING | Location BEIJING13901040672(Mobile) | 85619208(Home) |

                E-mail: paulgao85@yahoo.com.cn & paulgao85@gmail.com

                Career Objective

                Desired Type of Employment: Full-time

                Desired Position: Trading Specialist、Trading Manager/Supervisor、Customer Service、Shipping Specialist

                Desired Location: BEIJING

                Expected Salary(before tax): 6000-8000RMB/Month

                Current Situation: In 2 months


                I am a export salean since I graduated. I have more than 3 years experience in export salean position. I can speak two foreign language English and Japanese. I am familiar with export procuress, international shipment and have basic knowledge in business laws, finance, and customer clearance. I have the ability in marketing development, business communication, and business negotiation. I can write e-mail in English, and operate EPR system and edit documents relate to international trade. I can be frank to every one else and work diligently, and I am thirst to get all kind of knowledge in different filed and have team work spirit. I think can adopt different atmosphere fast, and would like to take challenge.

                Work Experience

                20xx/08-Now Beijing Lampearl group| export department | export sales & overseas project coordinator

                lighting equipments and lighting engineering | Private | Company Size:100-499 | 4000--6000RMB/Month

                I am working at this company since last Aug. I do the similar job to my previous job. In this period I got some knowledge in lighting industry especially in LED lighting. I enhance my ability in English communications, business negotiation, and marketing development through internet. In Mar,20xx I moved to overseas project department and take charge in coordinate some affairs in overseas project of this company. And I got some basic knowledge in lighting engineering.

                20xx/06 – 20xx/05 Beijing TIME high technology Ltd | export department | export sales

                Instruments and Meters & Industrial Automation | Private | Company Size:100-499 | 3000--4500RMB/Month

                I worked in a private company called Beijing TIME high technology Ltd,from June 20xx to May 20xx.This company is biggest company which engage in manufacture and sale portable NDT(non destructive test)instruments. The produce has sold to more than 50 countries including the USA, Japan, and the Netherland. I work in this as export sales, in Asia—Pacific area. My main target market is Australia and Indonesia. My main job in the company are searching potential customers from internet, taking part in exhibitions, developing market, responding customers’ inquire making some business documents and some international trade documents, contacting forwarder agents and supervising the shipment of the goods. During the working experience in this company I get some knowledge in Industry NDT(Non-destructive test)instruments, strengthen my communication ability and marketing development ability, and get a lot of experience in export order processing.

                20xx/08 -- 20xx/05: Foton international trade company limitied,Beijing | passengervehicle sales branch | sales assistant The company I worked previously is an automobile export company. We export both truck and passenger vehicle such as van, SUV, and MPV.I worked in passenger vehicle sales branch. I take charge of the sales in southeast territory as a sales assistant. My primary job is that contacting with our distributors and clients, dealing with their order and feed backing their problem in the export process and production quality. I also worked in sales administration department did some sales statistics and disposable some issue in the process of export.

                Education Background

                20xx/09 -- 20xx/07:Beijing University of technology | international trade | Bachelor


                20xx/01: CET6(college English Test level


                20xx/07 Clerk for documents relate to international trade

                Language Skills

                Japanese:reading&writing basic | listening&speaking basic

                English:reading&writing proficient | listening&speaking proficient

                行政文員英文簡歷表格 第六篇


                Gender Female

                Date of Birth


                Contact No



                Job Target

                Target Industry The hope responds to a call for recruits profession scope

                Target job The hope responds to a call for recruits post

                Target address Hope work area, urban scope

                Target salary Anticipation wage level welfare demand,Discussing in person

                To hillock time The new post can in the long time assume the post

                Working Experience

                1995/08—20xx/02 xxx

                Industry: Apparel/Textiles/Leather Goods

                Administrative Department Admin Manager/Supervisor/Office Manager

                1995/08—1997/08 Clerk Administrative Dept.

                To distribute the government documents; sort out and file the company documents; recruit; receive the visitor.

                1997/09—20xx/02 Vice officer. Officer in Administrative Dept, Secretary of General Manager

                1. To manage the central file, contact with the government;

                2. Familiar with the register of enterprise, register of label etc;

                3. Assist the General Manager to correspond with every department and receive the important visitor and customers.

                4. To compile ISO9000 procedure manual and quality manual, manage and internal audit (Got the Internal Auditor certificate)

                20xx/07—Now Shanghai Web International Training Centre Study English


                1991/09—1995/07 Dalian Light Industry Institute Food Sciences Bachelor

                20xx/03—20xx/04 China Quality Certification Centre For Import And Export CommoditiesISO9001:2000 standard internal auditor training

                2000/04—2000/04 China Quality Certification Centre For Import And Export CommoditiesISO9002:1994 standard internal auditor training


                20xx/04 ISO9001:2000 standard internal auditor certificate

                1993/07 CET4


                Optimistic; Self-motivated; Strong responsibility; Good interpersonal and communication;Be able to work under great pressure; Team work spirit. Good computer skills in MS Window, MS Office.

                研發工程師個人英文簡歷模板 第七篇

                curriculum vitae

                name:    gender: male

                date of birth:   place of birth: china

                marital status: singlelanguage: english, proficient

                telephone:    email:

                education experience

                september 1989 - july 1993

                department of electrical engineering, shenyang institute of aeronautics

                majored in radio engineering

                won a third-class award in the contest of technological facture & experimental skills in electronics and electrician, for students from the colleges affiliated to the ministry of aeronautics & astronautics

                masterful in og circuit, power circuit, switching power circuit, operation and amplification; proficient in solving problems related to og circuit.

                bachelor of engineering degree obtained in july 1993

                september 1993 - july 1996

                nanjing university of aeronautics & astronautics

                majored in communication & electrical system

                main field of research was contemporary communication circuit, especially on high efficiency, high frequency power amplifier (class e and class s).

                instructed undergraduate students in their research on wide band frequency multiplier

                my diploma thesis was the electromagnetic compatibility testing system of an airplane

                人事助理個人英文簡歷模板 第八篇

                sandy lin 15/f,tower2 ,bright china,building1,beijing.

                professional objective

                a position in the personnel field in which my experience and education will have valuable application.

                professional experience

                virginia general hospital,suffolk,va

                assistant personnel officer,1990-present

                recruited and trained administrative and clerical staffs,ancillary and works department staffs,professional and technical staffs.

                supervised personnel assistant,personnel clerk and secretary.

                organized,revised,expanded and managed induction program.

                evaluated personnel.

                conducted disciplinary and grievance interviews.

                signed employees to contracts.

                advised staff on conditions of employment,entitlements,maternity leave,etc.

                southern charm stores,roanoke,va

                assistant staff manager,1986-1990

                recruited and selected employees.

                hired personnel and referred for termination.

                administered wages,salary and workmen's compensation.

                developed staff in various job descriptions.

                performed inductions.

                supervised personnel clerk.

                served as interim staff manager at raleigh.


                yale university,new haven,ct

                bachelor of science in sociology,1996

                cook college,los angeles,ca

                personnel management exams,1985


                available upon request.

                clean layout makes resume easy to read.

                unrelated work experience is omitted.

                人力資源總監的英文簡歷 第九篇

                MARKETING ASSISTANT Sandy Bin 15/F,TOWARD ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING,BEIJING. OBJECTIVE A position that will further develop my superior marketing skills. ExPERIENCE Marketing Assistant, The art lover's institute www.dxs518.com Indianapolis,IN Marketing Assistant, The art lover's ine2/91-Present Temporary position assisting the Manager of Public Information on the exhibit "Proud Triangles;Gary Lift in America." Executed the distribution of exhibit posters and organized the development of displays merchandising products to promote the exhibit at local retailers. Coordinated press clippings and releases about the exhibit www.dxs518.com . Assistant Box Office Manager, Terre Haute Performing Arts Center Terre Haute,IN Marketing Assistant, The art lover's ine6/90-1/91 Managed daily operations for a staff of 20 operators responsible for customer service and the sale of all tickets in a theater seating 5,000. Compiled all financial statements on a daily and monthly basis for each performance in the theater averaging 10 performances per month,including daily deposits and revenue from outlet sales on secondary ticketing systems. Gallery Assistant/Window Exhibit Coordinator, Jim Cannon's Art Implosion Bourbon,IN Marketing Assistant, The art lover's ine5/89-6/90 Developed marketing plan for fine art prints and coordinating notecards. Developed client base and serviced accounts www.dxs518.com . Coordinated special events relating to current exhibits,opening receptions,and artist signings.Handled press releases www.dxs518.com . EDUCATION VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY,VALPARAISOO,IN BACHELOR OF ARTS,1991. ARTS ADMINISTRATION WITH A CONCENTRATION IN MARKETING/COMMUNICATIONS. SKILLS

                Mackintosh;Pagemaker,Word IBM;WordPerfect,Excel and rBase. Job descriptions are straightforward and understandable. Specific dates of employment(month and year)are ideal for candidates with no gaps in work history.<>

                英文簡歷常用語句 第十篇


                1、A position in management training programs with the eventual goal of participating in the management rank of marketing.

                管理 培訓 計劃方面的職位。最終目標在參與市場管理層。

                2、An entry-level position in sales. Eventual goal; manager of marketing department.


                3、A responsible administrative position which will pro

                vide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play.


                4、An executive assistant position utilizing interests, training and experience in office administration.


                5、A position requiring ytical skills in the financial or investment field.


                6、To begin as an accounting trainee and eventually become a manager.


                7、An entry-level position in an accounting environment, which ultimately leads to financial management.


                8、A position as data-processing manager that will enable me to use my knowledge of computer systems.


                9、An entry-level position responsible for computer programming.


                10、Administrative assistant to an executive where short-hand and typing skills will be assets.


                11、A position which will utilize my educational background in biology, with prospects of promotion.


                12、A position in charge of management training programs.

                負責管理 培訓 項目的職位。

                13、Responsible managerial position in human resources.


                14、A position in Foreign Trade Department, with opportunities for advancement to management position in the department.


                15、A position as a design engineer in an engineering department.


                16、Looking for a position as a computer programmer with a medium-sized firm.


                17、To serve as sales promoter in a multinational corporation with a view to promotion in position and assignment in parent company s branch abroad.


                18、An administrative secretarial position where communication skills and a pleasant attitude toward people will be assets.



                Stating Your Education

                1、Useful Courses for English-teaching include: Psychology, teaching methodology,phonetics, rhetoric, grammar, composition.

                對 英語 教學有用的課程包括:心理學、教學方、學、修辭學、語法、寫作。

                2、Specialized courses pertaining to foreign trade: Marketing principles, international marketing, practical English correspondence and telecommunications, foreign exchange, business English.

                和外貿相關的專門課程:市場學原理、國際營銷學、實用 英語 函電、外匯兌換、商務 英語 。

                3、Courses taken that would be useful for computer programming are: Computer science, systems design and ysis, FORTRAN programming, PASCAL programming, operating systems, systems management.


                4、Academic preparation for management:

                Management:Principles of management, organization theory, behavioral science.

                Communication: Business communication, personnel management, human relations.

                Marketing: Marketing theory, sales management.





                5、Curriculum included: Electric power systems, 90; Signal processing, 88; Systems and control, 92; Electric energy systems, 92; Solid-state electronics, 88; Communications, 94.


                6、Major courses contributing to management qualification: Management, accounting, economics, marketing, sociology.


                7、Courses completed: History of mass communication, 88; China s communication history, 92; Media research, 90; Public opinion, 92; Conceptual ysis, 88; Content ysis, 90; Advertising, 92; New media technology, 94.


                8、Courses in industrial designs and related field: Dynamic systems, evaluation and management of designs, systems and control, ergonomics, tensile structures, structural ysis, computer-aided design, applied mechanics.


                9、Among the pertinent courses I have taken are: office administration, secretarial procedures, business communication, psychology, data-processing, typing, shorthand.


                主修金融學。涉及的課程有如下幾門:銀行業務,89分;銀行與計算機,90分;貸款,92分; 信用證 ,90分;儲蓄,88分;外匯兌換,92分;電匯,90分;匯款,94分;西方金融制度,92分。


                Stating Your Work Experience

                1. Sales manager. In addition to ordinary sales activities and management of department, responsible for recruiting and training of sales staff members.


                2. Assistant to the General Manager of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industrial Corporation Ltd..Handled the itinerary schedule of the general manager. Met clients as a representative of the corporation. Helped to negotiate a $5,000,000 deal for the corporation.


                3. Secretary to president of Silverlion group Corporation Ltd.. Responsibilities: Receiving visitors, scheng meetings, taking and typing dictation, writing routine letters and reports.


                4. Public relations girl at Guangzhou Holiday Inn. Full-time in summers, part-time during school.


                5. Assistant to manager of accounting department of a joint venture enterprise. Analyzed data and relevant financial statistics, and produced monthly financial statements.


                6. Worked 21 hours weekly as a salesgirl at the bookstore of Shenzhen University. Earned 45% of college expenses.


                7. Production manager: Initiated quality control resulting in a reduction in working hours by 20% while increasing productivity by 25%.


                9. Staff member of Shanxi Textiles Import and Export Company. Handled import of textiles from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan. Increased sales by 25% from 1990 to 1993. Made frequent business trips to these places to negotiate with textile mills.

                10. Tourist guide during the summer vacation for Beijing International Travel Service. Conducted tours for foreign tourists on trip around the city.



                Stating Your Qualifications

                1. University major in computer science, three years of part-time work in a computer software company.


                2. Experienced operator: Word Processor SV68, 60 wpm.

                有經驗的操作人員:文字處理機SV68型,每分鐘60個 單詞 。

                3. Educational background in business administration with a major in secretarial science and two summers of full-time work experience. Working knowledge of all common office machines.


                4. Office skills include; operating English word processor and microcomputer, taking shorthand 85 wpm.


                5. Four years of experience in marketing, in addition to a bachelor s degree in management with major in marketing. Like to be challenged with a responsible job.


                6. University education in management with an emphasis on accounting, involving the use of computers. Able to comprehend financial statements.


                7. Work experience in personnel affairs in a foreign capital enterprise coupled with educational background specialized in personnel management. Maintain good human relations.


                8. Five years working experience in teaching English at a middle school coupled with educational background specialized in English Instruction at Guangzhou Teachers College. Ability to listen and sensitivity to the needs of students.


                9. Good university education with Japanese as my major combined with practical experience in translating business documents. Worked as an interpreter in Japan for a Chinese investigation group for three months.

                10. Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees. Effective communication abilities and public relations skills.


                11. Three years of successful job experience ranging from sales responsibilities to management of marketing department. Adaptable, versatile, industrious.


                12. Special training in accounting at Guangdong College of Commerce and three years of practical experience in accounting environment. Enjoy working with people. Responsible and reliable.

                在廣東商學院接受會計方面的專門 培訓 ,并有三年在會計部門的實際經驗。喜歡和別人一同工作。負責可靠。

                采購經理英文簡歷,英文簡歷 第十一篇




                Nationality:China (Mainland)

                Current Place:Dongguan

                Height/Weight:155 cm?55 kg

                Marital Status:married

                Age:36 years

                Career Objective

                Application type:Jobseeker

                Preferred job title:Dynamic/Energy/Mineral: Purchasing Manager 、 Senior Management: PMC Manager 、 Manufacture/Operation: Supply Chain Manager

                Working life:11Title:No title

                Job type:Full timeExpected Start date:In a month

                Expected salary:¥8,000--¥12,000Preferred working place:Guangdong province Henan Hubei

                Work experience

                Company's name:Areva Disconnector(Guangdong) Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 20xx-01-

                Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Communication/Telecom/Network Equipment

                Job Title: Procurement Manager

                Job description: 1.Organise all the raw material&Plant equipment purchasing.

                2.Build up all the purchasing/Logistic process.

                3.Take charge in localisation job.

                Achievements:Save 10M RMB during below action:

                1.Complete tax&duty free within a very short lead time.

                2.Find proper local equipment supplier to get better service/lower price.

                3.Set up proper logistic project to build/improve the whole supply chain.

                4.Support to localisation project.

                Reasons for leaving: Working place is too far away from home

                Company's name:Dongguan Elcoteq Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 20xx-12-20xx-12

                Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry

                Job Title: Planning Supervisor

                Job description: 1.Make mid-long term plan base on customer demand &supply status,

                2.Once cap conflict in midseason, as coordinator with different department; Maximize cap utilization

                3.KPI monthly review &individual performance monitor

                4.Direct HC control.

                5.Continuously push DSCM to improve in a systematic way

                Reasons for leaving: Individual Development

                Company's name:Dongguan Molex Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 20xx-09-20xx-12

                Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Computer/Internet/Communication/Electronics

                Job Title: PMC Supervisor

                Job description: 1.Base on annual sales Forecast, budget &plan for enterprise resource.

                2.During trial-run stage of new project, as a leader to supervise &Co-ordinate with relevant dept to ensure the whole process run oothly to achieve a stable level rapidly to match the customer needs for mass production.

                3.Instruction for vendor selection &delivery confirmation management.

                4.Purchasing management; continuously to improve the good parter relationship with supplier, push to speed up the cash flow of the whole supplier chain ,reduce inventory risk, ensure communication unblocked.

                Reasons for leaving: Leave with boss when structure changed

                Company's name:Dongguan Ferroxcube Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 2000-06-20xx-09

                Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Communication/Telecom/Network Equipment

                Job Title: Head of Purchasing&Logistic

                Job description: 1.Arrange the production delivery date in accordance with the customer order and factory capacity.

                2.Mainly managed to push ERP system on-line includes production plan control&shipment and purchase control, inventory control(warehouse),planned and organized detailed for establishing master data and operator training ,which settle the stable foundation for running the system oothly in the factory.

                3.Cost down of packing material by choosing better quality and lower price level, I accustomed to retain a certain upwardly “atmosphere” and sentiments to foster each staff. regarding the task occurred in this field.

                Reasons for leaving: Individual Development

                Company's name:Dongguan Minolta Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 1997-11-2000-05

                Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry

                Job Title: Purchasing Controller

                Job description: 1.Vendor management and parts delivery confirmation,

                2.Trail to settle the quality complain of the material, asked to adjust production plan due to material shortage,

                3.Assist the manager of pushing SCM

                Reasons for leaving: Individual Development

                Educational Background

                Name of School:First Airforce Aviation College

                Highest Degree:AssociateDate of Graduation:1996-07-01

                Name of Major 1:Industrial AutomatizationName of Major 2:

                Education experience:Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No

                20xx-0420xx-04PET3 TestingPET3PET3

                20xx-0720xx-05Zhongshan UniversityIndustrial AutomationNA

                20xx-0920xx-09B.V.ISO9000-2000 Internal Auditor TrainingISO9000-2000 Internal Auditor

                Language Ability

                Foreign Language:EnglishLevel:excellent

                Chinese level:excellentCantonese Level:good

                Relevant skills and abilities

                1.Over eleven years experience in PMC&Purchasing field,Familiar with the process of Purchasing&PMC&Cost ysis

                2.Trained for ISO9000 & QS9000, Lean and Green belt etc,

                3.Fluent in reading, writing and spoken English.

                4.Master the application of Windows, MS office etc software.

                5.Honest and aggressive, self-motivated, willing to be under pressure. Strong communication skills and team work.

                個人英文簡歷 第十二篇


                nationality: China

                At present location: hai national: han

                Seat of registered permanent residence: the tianhe district figure: 163 cm 48 kg

                Marital status: single age: 25 years old

                Education background

                Graduate school: south China agricultural university

                The highest degree: bachelor degree: graduation date: 20xx-07-01

                Objective and work experience

                Talent type: ordinary applying for a job

                Applied position: clothing design

                Term: the title: intermediate

                Job types: full-time date available: at any time

                Monthly salary requirements: 20xx-3500 hope work areas: guangzhou shenzhen foshan

                Personal work experience: the company name: start-stop years: 20xx- 20xx-09 brahman Sally fashion international garments Co., LTD

                The company properties: private enterprise by sector: clothing/textile/leather/shoes

                In the position of: design assistant

                Job description: according to company development and the requirements of customers, assist the designers to find information, drawing, looking for textiles face, good finishing design sheet and communication how to hit edition version division, with edition (including all of the textiles face and process in the follow up). Out in the sample after version and the revision and participate in the customer order.

                Leaving reason:

                Company name: start-stop years: 20xx-05-20xx-04 merchant dress Co., LTD

                The company properties: private enterprise by sector: clothing/textile/leather/shoes

                In the position of: design assistant

                Job description: according to the company's brand style, each quarter theme development plan design, tie-in textiles face, finish the first draft of the governor reviewing, then take the examination and approval and good draft version division to communicate a version, and with edition includes with embroidery, printing, etc, until a new design template complete. And participate in the late judge version and overhauling.

                Leaving reason:

                英文簡歷:工業工程師英文簡歷模板 第十三篇

                英文 簡歷 模板:(工業工程師)INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER英文 簡歷 范例


                1985-Present LEYNER CORPORATION,Lake Charles,LA

                Industrial Engineer

                Provide floor support engineering in printed wire assembly (PWA) and subsystem assembly (SSA) areas.

                Purchase capital equipment.Interface with vendors. Justify expenditures.

                Design plant layout fixtures,and flow charts of material.

                Program automatic equipment.

                Write process sheets and rework procedures.

                Recommend changes to product to allow ease of manufacture.

                Implement design changes.Inititate methods and process improvements.

                Troubleshoot problems.Effect disposition or rejection of material.

                Provide assistance to all other departments.

                1984 PRUDENCE D. MCHARRISON LABORATORY,Ruston,LA

                Engineering Assistant

                Conducted variety of tests including Tensile.Compression,and creep tests on molded parts.

                Responsible for production of plastic test specimens,and mounting polishing,and microscopic ysis.

                Designed tools and fixtures for Instron machine. Molding Room Attendant,1983

                Operated and maintained machine producing epoxy preforms.

                Maintained records on inventory,loss of material,and quality control.

                Machine shop attendant,1982

                Operated lathes,milling and grinding machines;monitored welding and heat treatments.

                Read blueprints.


                LOYOLA UNIVERSITY AT NEW ORLEANS,College of Engineering,New Orleans,LA

                Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology,1985

                Minor concentration in computer science.


                Member,Society of Manufacturing Engineers,Leaner Management Club Certified Manufacturing Technologist and Solderer.


                Relevant Work experience is emphasized while other positions are de-emphasized.

                Chronological format illustrates a clear career path.<>

                不同國家外企對英文簡歷要求的差異 第十四篇












                英文簡歷中有很多關鍵詞和特殊用法有其特定表達方式,不宜亂用。比如,Internship(學期實習)、Part-time()、mentor(導師)等。"Reference available upon request":這個短語的意思是如需證明,可提供見證人。這在許多英式、港式簡歷末尾中經常出現,但是美式的簡歷不要這樣寫。


                本科生英文簡歷 第十五篇

                Name:Li xiao gao English Name :max botArital Status :Single Native Place: xingtai city of Hebei province , China

                Email:win888jianwei@126.com. Mobil Tel:13736xxxx

                Educational Background Major: Business Administration

                Graduate school: Hebei University

                Degree: Bachelor

                Education:20xx.9--20xx.6 HEBEI QIHUANGDAO EDUCATION COLLEGE Learning englishAcademic Main Courses:

                Management of Human Resources/Production andBusiness Administration Operation Management/Strategic Management/Quality Management/Marketing/International Trade/Principles of Management/Groundwork of Accounting/Economic Law and so on

                English Skills:

                Have a good command of both spoken and written English.

                Computer Abilities:

                Skilled in use of Windows / Office2000Self Assesent:a energetic, adaptable and able man, is cooperative . and honest to othersEmployment Experience : Employment Experience : To obtain a challenging position as an assistant for a manage,especially in Human Resource Management/ Sale Part.<>

                英文口譯專員個人簡歷表格 第十六篇

                戶口所在地:湖南身材:160 cm 50 kg
                婚姻狀況:未婚年齡:28 歲
                應聘職位:外貿跟單:外貿采購   市場/行銷推廣策劃專員 internatinal trade   小學教師/幼兒教師
                月薪要求:3500--5000希望工作地區:廣州 廣州 廣州
                公司名稱:廣州市艾倫化妝品有限公司起止年月:xx-09 ~ xx-06
                工作描述:1、開發新產品: 了解市場需求,根據客戶的需求,研發新產品?








                公司名稱:銘康達(深圳)首飾公司起止年月:xx-06 ~ xx-08

                2、負責接單,跟單,出貨和收款 。完成了一個印度客戶從下單到收回貨款的全過程。


                外語:英語 精通??




                english resume:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? resume

                personal information

                name: shelleywu ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?gender: female ? ? ? ? ?

                date of birth:1980/12/08 ? ? ? ? ? ? date of granduate: xx/06

                graduate from: huaihua university ? ?major: english

                email: ? ? ? ? ? ? mobile: 086-15918454469

                working ability

                four years purchase experiences in oversea company,?

                excellent communication and negotiation skill ,

                excellent english speaking and writing skill,?

                good command of computer,?

                independently,resourceful, responsible.

                work experience

                xx/09--present:la-tweez guangzhou co., ltd , as a purchasing manager, daily working is as below,

                1、developing new products: according to the market and customer needs, developing new products ,

                2、enquire/ compare and negotiate the price,?

                3、contract negotiation, make the contract, sign the contract,

                4、confirm the quality standard, quality check standard, organise goods receive and quality check ,

                5、apply the payment ,

                6、evaluate and selects appropriate suppliers, builds up good relationship with them ,

                assistant the suppliers to improve their performance, ?

                7、control and drive the cost down,?

                8、prepare weekly purchase summary and arrival summary.


                success developed more than 20 kinds of new products, such as gift set for sephorah, nine make-up brushes set, electric hair remover etc.

                xx/07--xx/08:ming kang da (shen zhen) jewelry company, work as international sales in marketing department

                take care of the requirements and orders from existing buyers in middle east & europe, and continuously develop new buyers there by b2b websites; we established our own website and products’information form.?

                negotiate with customers, organize orders and reports.


                xx/04--xx/10 ?china master academy ( guangzhou office) ? marketing master

                xx/03--xx/03 ? randolph language center ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?business english and foreign trade

                xx/07--xx/08 ? foreign teacher english training center ? ? oral english


                英文簡歷書寫模板 第十七篇

                chinese last first name “english name ”--若沒有英文名字,則無需填寫

                insert address, beijing 1000xx

                138-0000-xxxx ? xxxx@gmail.com

                educational background


                university of xxxx, beijing china????????????????????????????????????????? 9/04–7/08

                bachelor of xxxx, major (expected july 20xx)

                ·?ranked xx/xxx in class with gpa x.x

                ·?earned what (scholarships)? 20xx, 20xx, and 20xx --詳細說明所獲(最高)獎學金的名稱和等級

                · (received what awards/honors)? --列出在校期間所獲(最高)榮譽

                language capabilities & business skills


                ·???????? fluent in english speaking and writing; received high score on english exam (cet-x)

                ·???????? list any other english tests you have taken e.g. bec

                ·???????? skilled in microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint) and list other computer programs

                internship and work experience


                company name, xxxx, china??????????????????????????????????????????? x/xx–x/xx

                (one)? of china’s most influential companies in xxxx industry (company-website.com )--對所在公司實習情況做簡單描述(一行即可);提供實習公司網站

                served as an intern in the xxxx department focused on xxxx

                ·???????? (power verb + project + result) --按照所提供的格式,描述自己的工作成果(不是工作責任)

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                company name, xxxx, china??????????????????????????????????????????? x/xx–x/xx

                one of china’s most influential companies in xxxx industry (company-website.com)

                served as an intern in the xxxx department focused on xxxx

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                company name, xxxx, china??????????????????????????????????????????? x/xx–x/xx

                one of china’s most influential companies in xxxx industry (company-website.com)

                ·???????? served as an intern in the xxxx department focused on xxxx

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                ·???????? power verb + project + result

                community involvement & extracurricular activities


                ·???????? list involvement in school clubs such as student union and activities you arranged at school

                ·???????? list activities to help the community such as collecting donations for needy people

                hobbies and outside interests


                ·???????? (active in xxx sports; served on university’s soccer team which won department’s championship

                ·???????? fan of hiking – have climb 12 mountains including xxxx, xxxx, and xxx)


                英文簡歷標準格式模板 第十八篇

                Room 212 Building 343

                Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084

                Zheng Yan



                To obtain a challenging position as a software engineer with an emphasis in software design and development.



                1997.9-2000.6 Dept.of Automation,Graduate School of Tsinghua University, M.E.

                1993.9-1997.7 Dept.of Automation,Beijing Insititute of Technology,B.E.

                Academic Main Courses


                Advanced Mathematics Probability and Statistics Linear Algebra

                Engineering Mathematics Numerical Algorithm Operational Algorithm

                Functional Analysis Linear and Nonlinear Programming

                Electronics and Computer

                Circuit Principal Data Structures Digital Electronics

                Artificial Intelligence Computer Local Area Network

                Computer Abilitees

                Skilled in use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, Javabeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process,Pascal, PL/I and SQL software

                English Skills

                Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL:623; GRE : 2213

                Scholarships and Awards

                1999.3 Guanghua First-class Scholarship for graduate

                1998.11 Metal Machining Practice Award

                1997.4 Academic Progress Award


                General business knowledge relating to financial, healthcare

                Have a passion for the Internet, and an abundance of common sense<>


                推薦人:查字典小編 推薦日期:20xx-02-19


                April 13,2000P.O. Box 36BIIT UniversityBeijing,China 100000Dear Sir/Madam:Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership?I specialize查看全文


                Chinese Name:Guoqiang Zhang English Name: Eddy Zhang (外企習慣以英文名字作為同事間的稱呼,如果你有英文名字,將會首先給你的 面試 官一份親切感。) Sex: Male Born: 6/12/82 University: Beijing University Major: Marketing Address: 328#, Beiji查看全文

                IT人員英文簡歷 第十九篇

                Completed one year technical training program from IBM Software Group Training and Certification with specialization in Cognos suite.

                技術工程師個人英文簡歷模板 第二十篇

                technical engineer

                sandy lin 15/f,tower2 ,bright china,building1,beijing.

                professional experience

                1998-present technical engineer

                mercer ine.,albany,ny

                plan,coordinate, and execute hardware,software and network installation,configuration,maintenance,troubleshooting and repair operations for service contract clients.specialize in maintaining ibm and mac pcs,and peripherals with emphasis on networking environments.

                develop and implement service schedules,systems and procedures to assure delivery of quality,cost-efficient technical services.

                quickly diagnose causes of systems failures and malfunctions to ensure highest operating efficiencies,reliability,and quality performance standards.

                respond immediately to emergency situations with sensitivity to deadlines and customer needs.

                assist network engieers woth installation and trobleshooting of appleshare and novell systems.

                yze client equipment and operations to determine servicing and supply needs.

                monitor and maintain cost-effective inventories of supplies,tools and materials.

                investigate,test,and implement improvements to existing procedures.

                consistently manage time and multiple tasks to meet deadline,established objectives,and quality performance standards.

                foster clear communications and maintain excellent staff and client working relations.

                1982-1988 manager of information systems

                kritel associates,inc.,schnectady,ny

                directed and supervised all mis,related activities for a financial services firm supplying critical,timely information to corporate client base.adminstered distons 2 novell 2x networks,maintaining peak operating efficienclen and providing user training for all hardware and software applications.controlled budget costs for purchasing and operations.

                licenses and certifications

                candidate for certified netware engineer/c.n.e. certification in macintosh cpu. printer,and powerbook repaircertified in okidata & epson laser and impact printerscertification in hewlett packard laser jet printers

                technical expertise

                hardware proficiencies:ibm:at,xt,ps2macintoshhp:ii-iiisi laser printers,color plottersokidataepsondest ocr scannersstorage dimensions e/o scsi drive.

                networks:appletalkethertaldnovell netware 2x,3xcabling,nodes peripherals.

                software applications:dos.mcintosh operating systems windows 3.0,3.1windows applications cwp 5.1 word excellotuswordperfect 5.1displaywrite 4quicken 3.0pagemaker 4.0 harvard graphics 3.3publish/text pac ocr nutshell plus iiparadox 3.0


                professional licensure and certifications add weight to resume.

                use of boldgace and itallcs provides a clean and crisp presentation.









                簡歷個人介紹是簡歷中最重要的部分之一,它可以讓招聘者對你有一個初步的了解。以下是一些寫簡歷個人介紹的技巧和范文。寫作技巧:1. 突出自己的優勢:在個人介紹中,要突出自己的優勢,讓招聘者知道你的特長和能力。2. 簡明扼要:個人介紹要簡明扼要,不要太長,一般在兩到三句話之間。3. 重點突出:在個人介紹中








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